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Naniwa Samurai Ambassadors

What is Tate-do?

Samurai drama is a showcase of the Japanese culture. Action scenes of katana (Japanese sword) fighting are the highlight scene of Samurai dramas and movies. This sword fighting action is called “Tate (pronounced “Taa-teh”)”. Tate used to be a special performing technique practiced only by stage and movie actors. But Japan Tate-do Association has broadened its borders to the general public. We wish to deliver not only the action techniques but also the skills of self-expression and creativity, and the essence of Japanese traditional culture to the rest of the world. It is our goal to contribute to human development through the disciplines and attentiveness towards other people essential to the Tate, and to promote Tate, not only in Japan, but to all the people in the world.
Added to the lessons of basic sword fighting skills using wooden or bamboo swords, we study the Japanese culture including tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, Japanese dancing, shamisen (three-stringed Japanese lute), etc., and we aim to understand and feel the “heart” that take roots in the Japanese people. This is the true essence of Tate-do.

About Naniwa Samurai Ambassadors

Once in the old times in the merchant’s city of Osaka too, lived the “Samurai”, stubbornly surviving the many defeated wars. In five years, it will be 400 year after the Osaka castle was defeated, and now, young Samurai warriors have revived to the present day to fight off the slumping era.
The Japan Tate-do Association was founded in Osaka, and in the past six years, we have been providing Tate lessons and Samurai shows to our guests from overseas. This year, the young Samurai from our association have stood up as “Naniwa Samurai Ambassadors”. They will appear in Osaka Castle or in Dotonbori in their Samurai attire, perform some Samurai actions for the tourists strolling the area and if there is anyone who wants to try for him/herself, they will be happy to dress you as one and teach you some fighting techniques.
After a short lesson on the basic moves of Tate, you are ready to slash off your worries and anxieties. A crisp move of your katana will gain a lot of applauds from the passerby. We wish for as many people, especially the tourists from overseas to know about Tate and make a wonderful memory of the trip in Japan.

About our Samurai

Young Samurai from our Tate classed in the Japan Tate-do Association, have made themselves Samurai Ambassadors. Currently, there are 13 Samurai, including 5 females, active as Ambassadors.
Usually four Samurai will form a team to perform a Samurai show and conduct Samurai lessons.


What will you do?

After a short lesson on the basic moves of Tate, you are ready to slash off your worries and anxieties.
Anyone can participate(1play/ 500 yen with discount coupon).

※The Samurai Ambassadors will be handing out coupons in Osaka Castle or Dotonbori(Ebisubashi-Dazaemonbashi area) when the event is held.

Become a Samurai→Practice the basic forms of Tate.→Act a sword fight with one of the Samurai.→Cut off your Bonnō
1play / 500 yen with discount coupon

※You can either cut your Bonno or have the Samurai cut it for you. 

"What is Bonnō??"

Bonnō is a Buddhism word for any worries, anxieties, sorrows, greed or regrets that you might be feeling as a burden.
In Buddhism, Bonnō is thought to be the source of human sorrows, and if you can throw away the Bonnō, you will achieve enlightenment and then forth lead a happy and prosperous life. Why won’t you have your Bonnō cut off by our Samurai?


Upcoming Schedule / Venues

[Upcoming Schedule]

January 22, 23, 29, 30
February 5 through 9 Future schedules to be announced soon.


Osaka Castle/ in front of Hokoku Shrine: a.m.11 to p.m.1
Dotonbori/ around Ebisubashi bridge and Dazaemonbashi bridge area: p.m.3 to p.m.4
※Time may vary depending on weather condition, etc.


About our Yotsubashi school

Japan Tate-do Association holds Tate lessons in Arts Entertainment School.
Samurai experience classes also available for oversea guests.

※Please call 06-6536-8048 if you are interested for a full lesson or private Samurai experiences.

  Day / Starts at course fee Lesson
Introductory class Every week
Wed. pm.6:30
Complete in two class. 5,000 yen/ 2 class.
※Including video recording in the last class.
Introductory classes complete in two lessons. You learn the basic eight forms and practice a sword fight using those forms.
In the final lesson, that sword fight is made into a short skit and recorded to take home as souvenir. 5,000 yen for 2 lessons.
Regular Class Every week
Tues. pm.7:00
Sat. pm.1:00
Initial Fee 5,000 yen
Tickets/ 11 tickets for 24,000 yen or 5 tickets for 12,000 yen
You can also chose to pay 3,500 yen per lesson
In the regular lessons, the basic 35 forms of tate, the basic moves and basic battle routines are practiced.
More advanced sword battles of 1 vs 1 or 2 are done according to the level.
Regular Class
Every week
Sat. am.11:00
Kids tickets/ 11 tickets for 12,000 yen
Junior tickets/ 11 tickets for 18,000 yen
Samurai experience class 90min including kimono and photo:
5,000 yen per person
Samurai experience for oversea guests concludes in one lesson 90 minutes long. There will be a lecture on Japanese katana, and then dress in kimono like a samurai, act a simple battle scene after practice, and take photos.

※Private lessons:Upon requests


Japan Tate-do Association Yotsubashi school

3F Imai Bldg.,1-1-27 Kita-Horie,Nishi-ku,Osaka-City,Osaka,Japan
TEL:06-6536-8048 FAX:06-6536-8049

1 min. walk from Yotsubashi Sta., Exit 3 (Osaka Subway Yotsubashi line)
7 min. walk from Shinsaibashi Sta., Exit 7, 8 (Osaka Subway Midosuji line)